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Spectacular Car Audio Installations

Whether you're into booming bass, swelling strings, or pop productions, the right stereo and amps can make an incredible difference in your listening experience. Get the best sound possible for your car with the help of the professionals at Darkside Window Tinting Inc.

• In-house display of car stereos

• Audio systems (Pioneer brand & more)

• Amplifiers

• Crossovers

• Subwoofers

• Radios of all kinds

• Sony, Pioneer, and Crossfire brand equipment

Your local car audio experts

As a small, locally owned shop, we strive to keep prices affordable by maintaining minimum overhead.


Stop by 1595 State Highway 47 today to check out our in-house selection of stereo equipment, or let our experts know what you're looking for and we'll help you get it.

Affordable audio installations

Call today to learn more about audio


You can always count on our experts for a full installation.


We're happy to install any product you want, and back all electrical work with our lifetime warranty.

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